Lovatto is an Italian-Brazilian illustrator/visual artist.
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I was a recluse child: while kids at my age played soccer, I spent hours drawing indoors, to the delight and relief of my mother. Today, however, my inspiration comes mainly from the streets:
I like urban types, imperfect and gnarly. Obnoxious, sometimes. I use the art to provoke. I appreciate urban art and admire names of various artistic movements
— from the American underground counterculture to the contemporary graffiti scene.

Brazilian illustrator with Italian roots, I’m the kind of person who will never turn down a burger and who dreams of having an English bulldog.
I’m a bit of a night owl, but feel more productive during the mornings: I frequently wake up at 6am to draw, just for fun.
I have breathed art since I was born, but made it my profession in 2007. Based in São Paulo.



Here’s a handy list of some of the stuff I’ll illustrate/design things for:


…and anything else I can draw on.

If you do want me to work with you, just get yourself over to the contact page and tell me about your project.

Lovatto i s a dream to work with. He’s creative, fast and a very open communicator. His skill is superb and you can tell he really puts the effort into each every project.
Alyssa Walker (Managing Art Director at WIRED, USA)

Lovatto is an exceptionally talented illustrator and artist with a strong, individual style. As well as being technically and creatively talented, he is a great professional. Interpreting briefs with accuracy and when required, he’s able to turn projects around quickly without compromising on quality or attention to detail.
An absolute pleasure to work with, highly recommended. 

Jonny Sodah (Graphic Designer at News UK)

Working with Lovatto was wonderful. He was very responsive to updates and ideas!
Rich Boudet (Design Editor at The Seattle Times, USA)

Lovatto is a hugely talented illustrator. His creations for The Sun Online have been of the very highest order, he has met some very tight deadlines, he keeps to the brief and is happy to make alterations without complaint.
I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Mark Fleming (Deputy Digital Sports Editor at The Sun, UK)

Lovatto is a very talented illustrator! He has a distinctive style that would suit many publications and brands.
I’m always cheap replica watches impressed with his creativity, speed and positive attitude. He is SUPER FAST!

Julie Showers (Art and Communications Director, USA)

I was pleased to work with Lovatto at GQ Brazil. He is a regular freelance illustrator at the magazine who never failed a deadline and always delivered high quality illustrations, exactly how they were comissioned. Also, he thinks futher and makes suggestions, therefore the work done becomes even better. I’m glad his work is present worldwide nowadays –he deserves this, as he is a talented professional. I strongly recommend him!
André Serra (Creative Artworker at Designhouse, UK)

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Selected client list

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Editora Moderna
Folha de S.Paulo
Go Outside
GQ | GQ Style
Men’s Health
Mundo Estranho

Rolling Stone

Você S/A

Dic Ann’s
EAT Magazine

The Cleaver Quarterly
(The Illustrated Wok)


British GQ
FourFourTwo UK
Noble Rot
Prospect Magazine
The Sun

Business Today


Hot Rum Cow

Salt Lake City Weekly
The Seattle Times
The Stranger
Willamette Week

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